Force of Nature : workshop series



Workshop three:

Force of Nature 

Summer : The Manifestor

 Saturday July 20th 
4pm -6pm (Irish Time)


In Summer we rise into our Sovereign Manifestor, who knows how to create by leading with her feminine and executing with her masculine.

She is a shamelessly sovereign shining force that takes up her place in the new story rooted in her belonging.


Force of Nature is a series of 4 Live online seasonal workshops throughout 2024 (each one can be taken individually)

 Winter : The Sorceress | Jan 20th | 4pm-6pm (Irish time)

Spring : The Creatrix | April 20th | 4pm-6pm (Irish time)

Summer : The Manifestor | July 20th | 4pm-6pm

Autumn : The Generatrix | Oct 12th | 4pm-6pm (Irish time)

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October 5th 2024

Exhale Hub Festival

Exhale Hub festival is an online gathering of over 50 events and speakers, teachers and change-makers.

On October 5 I will be leading a workshop in the morning and later interviewing the wonderful Sharon Blackie, author of bestselling, "If Women Rose Rooted."

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Next Stage Celtic Wheel


Journey with a self-practice at their own pace through all eight of the Celtic festivals in the Wheel of the Year.  

Before each of the eight festivals, you will receive videos, audios and worksheets that will inform and guide you how to attune to the seasons and the sacred thresholds. 

You can join this at any time of the year.

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