Reignite the
you were born to be

 wthe sacred PATH OF SOVEREIGNTY.  weave the ancient with the new,

It’s time to weave the ancient with the new, to step onto the sacred path of sovereignty.

This is the alchemical work of the Feminine and it is demanding to be woven back into our world, as we stand at the wildly terrifying edge of a new era.

It is what you were born for. 

Become part of the global movement of wise, sovereign women disrupting the old, creating the new. 



I'm honoured to have accompanied 2000 + wise women 

Maidens, mothers, queens, crones, edge-walkers, stay-at-home mamas, artists, change-makers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, creatrixes, teachers, lovers, loners, the wild ones and the quiet ones.

We know we have sacred work to do.

You are a point of
in the Cosmos.

The era of the powerless, exhausted, overwhelmed, 'people-pleasing' woman is over. 

You were born at this turbulent time between worlds to flourish - and in doing so - help birth a beautiful new world. You hold a vital part of the puzzle. You know this in your bones, in your blood, your breath and in your being.

I am here  to reconnect you to the power, wisdom and magic that reside inside you as a force of nature. 

 wthe sacred PATH OF SOVEREIGNTY.  weave the ancient with the new,


I Can walk withYou

 as you become a 
"seeking to walk beautifully on the earth" (John Moriarty) where... 


You are living from your sacred sovereign centre

You "have yourself" no matter what’s happening around you 

You carry and marry ancient and new wisdom as you walk the path

You have sovereignty over your body, your mind, your emotions, your finanaces and all areas of your life

You are the highest authority in your life while staying open to other people's perspectives 

You are rooted in place, in nature's cycles and on your soul's path

You align with your natural rhythms and you have agency to do your soul's work

You take full responsibility for how you show up 

You lead with your feminine and enact with your masculine

Choose a way to work with me:

Next Stage Celtic Wheel

 A year-long online journey of ritual, sisterhood and practice for women who are ready to become the FORCE OF NATURE they were born to be. 

Join me and a Tribe of women from around the planet as we travel and transform together through the 8 sacred festivals over a full Celtic calendar cycle. 



Online Courses

Don't be restricted by geography. Join the global movement of women choosing to live from their sovereign centre.


I’m Mari Kennedy, 

a global gatherer of women, a weaver of ancient and new wisdom.  

I am a Celtic wisdom and Embodiment Guide, a mentor and a new paradigm business woman. 

For the last 15 years I have been coaching, mentoring, teaching, facilitating, guiding and reminding thousands of women across all 5 continents on this beautiful planet that we are forces of nature; points of sovereign power in the great family of things. 

I have been walking the sacred path of sovereignty for the last two decades. From an exhausted, disconnected 38 year old ‚Äúliving the dream" (or should I say, ‚Äúthe illusion‚ÄĚ) to a flourishing, shameless, sovereign woman spinning new realities, excited every day about the new world emerging.

My Soul's work is to remind women like you that your power, wisdom and magic reside at your centre, underneath all the conditioning of the last 5,000 years. 

This work marries (like my name) ancient, indigenous esoteric wisdom with the contemporary wisdom emerging in fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, psychology, systems biology and quantum physics. 

My story

Everything I do is about unveiling the POWER, WISDOM and MAGIC that resides within you

The Eight Celtic Festivals eBOOK 

A beautiful guide to the Celtic Wheel Festivals to accompany you through the 2023/2024 cycle. I share the themes, traditions, mythology, ritual, power places and wisdom that each sacred festival offers us. You will also find the dates for each sacred threshold in this coming cycle.


The Many Faces of Brigid .... and her White Cow

Jan 27, 2024

Letting in the Good

Jul 22, 2023

Imbolc liminal space

Feb 06, 2023

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