I'm Mari,

An Irish Celtic wisdom weaver and map maker. I am a global gatherer of women, a 5/1 Generator (HD)and a Firehorse. 

My passion is evolution, in particular women and our relationship to power and wisdom at this wild edge of a new world. 

I grew up in the 70s and 80s in the West of Ireland at a time when most of us didn't question anything. I was the archetypal "high achieving good girl."

In my late 30s, the Cailleach, the great Dark Feminine force in the Celtic tradition, upended my life.

It looked like I was a powerful, privileged, modern, independent woman ‚Äúliving the dream,‚ÄĚ but she showed me that ‚Ķ

I was only half living; living other people’s values, burnt out from old patriarchal conditioning, seeking validation and security from outside myself, relentlessly people pleasing.

I had no sovereignty over my life. 


The Cailleach dragged me kicking and screaming onto the Path of Sovereignty, where she showed me that...

I wasn’t in my body

I didn’t have myself

I wasn't using my gifts

I was disconnected from nature 

I was playing small to stay secure...

Once on that path I devoted myself to climbing back into my body and daily meditation


I started to integrate the healthy feminine and healthy masculine in my own life.

I reconnected with the myths and wisdom of my Celtic ancestors and at the same time, discovered Integral Theory (Ken Wilber). 

That had a profound effect on how I was choosing to live as a woman.

I have been a student of many wisdom traditions, formally and informally over the last 20 years. Ancient traditions of Celtic spirituality, Buddhism, Zen and Taoism have shown me new wiser ways to live. 

I have studied and met incredible teachers on this path. 

My body of work now weaves together ancient, indigenous esoteric wisdom with the contemporary wisdom of neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics and Integral Theory. 

I have gathered, coached and mentored women from around the planet and created a business that is experimenting with a new paradigm model.

xx M

I sense the invitation of this time is to UNITE THE OPPOSITES , to HEAL THE SPLIT between the feminine and masculine, the head and heart, science and spirituality, nature and humans, the mystical and the practical 

and on and on...

Here is the more official part...

2023 Certified Katonah Yoga Teacher, Katonah Yoga NYC (US) 

2015- 2016 Certified Integral Facilitator Ten Directions / Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi (US)

2008 Advanced Executive Coaching - Xenergy Consulting (IRL)

2007- 2008 Foundation in Somatic Studies Joan Davis (IRL)

2006- 2007  Diploma in Personal  and Business Coaching  - Irish Lifecoach Institute  (IRL) 

2005 Certified Journey Dance Teacher Training   Tony Bergins (US) 

2003- 2005 Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training Irish School of Yoga (300 hour)

1990 Post Graduate in Marketing COMAD, Dublin

1989 BA hons (Archaeology and Geography) University College Dublin 

My Signature Offering

Next Stage Celtic Wheel 


THE CELTIC WHEEL found its way to me in 2011 when I was in a very challenging and desolate place. For the preceding five years, my life was in a constant state of flux, uncertainty and loss.

In April that year my father was dying. I now know that the Celtic Wheel was his passing gift to me. It happened in a mythic moment of broken-heartedness, in the auspicious Hazel Wood forest in Sligo, on the west coast of Ireland.

A month later, I met my teacher in this tradition, Dolores Whelan - a true Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Consciousness for the past 30 years.

I had taken Celtic studies as an archaeology undergraduate at university but it was all these years later, through the Celtic Wheel, that I became a true apprentice to the Celtic tradition.

Reconnecting with the wisdom of the Celtic Wheel profoundly changed how I approached my life. It helped me to make sense of the challenges and loss. It showed me the value and beauty of the ebbs and flows, the fallow and the fertile times.

It taught me to trust the falling apart. It demanded that I own my radiant power as a woman and live aligned to my Soul.

It offered me a map of how to reclaim and lead from my inner feminine through rhythms, cycles and nature and so find a gentler, wiser and more fierce way to live.

It connected me to the mystical in a very practical way.

This is why I created NEXT STAGE CELTIC WHEEL. This is why I lead women.


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