Next Stage Celtic Wheel Self-Led:

Are you willing to let this time REIGNITE your instinctual WISDOM and innate POWER?


The SELF LED journey is a way to travel around the 8 sacred festivals Celtic Wheel in your own time, on your own schedule and taken at your own pace. 

It's for women like you and me all over the planet ready to evolve. To call back our shameless sovereignty, in service to a more beautiful world being born through us. 


Next Stage Celtic Wheel - Self Led

This SELF PACED and SELF LED exploration of NEXT STAGE CELTIC WHEEL is for you if:


You are being nudged to live from a deeper place

You are curious about the indigenous wisdom and mythology of the Celtic world

You would like guidance about how to celebrate the Celtic festivals

You would love to work with a map that is both mystical and practical, to help weave ancient wisdom into your life

You would like to dip your toe into 


I will guide you through the THEMES AND ENERGIES of all eight festivals with VIDEOS AND WORKSHEETS.


Journey around the 8 Celtic Festivals at your own pace

How SELF-LED works:

Festival Material

Before each festival you will receive materials to help prepare you for the festival and new energies of the season -  Video, audio and worksheets. 

Materials include festival videos and audio recording and worksheets  

 Membership Area 

You will have full access to a Membership Area where all your materials and resources will be housed. 

You can visit and re-visit all of the materials and resources whenever you want, honouring your own time schedule.

So let's break this down... 

Everything you’ll get with Next Stage Celtic Wheel SELF LED  


  • A FESTIVAL GUIDEBOOK¬†one week before each sacred festival
  • 2 x¬†VIDEOS (+ audios) one week before each festival. Guidance on how to weave the ancient Celtic wisdom into our your modern life.¬†
  • Access to a SELF LED¬†MEMBERSHIP PORTAL¬†for 1 year.

Plus this Bonus:

The EIGHT CELTIC FESTIVALS eBOOK - 'at a glance' guide to the sacred festivals with the 2023/24 festival dates. 

I'm Mari Kennedy,

I will be your guide.

The Celtic Wheel 
found its way to me in 2011, when I was in a very challenging and desolate place. For the preceding five years, my life had been in a constant state of flux, uncertainty and loss.

In April that year, my father was dying. I now know that the Celtic Wheel was his passing gift to me. It happened in a mythic moment in the auspicious Hazel Wood forest in Sligo, on the west coast of Ireland.

A month later I met my teacher in this tradition - Dolores Whelan - who has been a Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Consciousness for the past 30 years.

I had taken Celtic Studies as an Archaeology undergraduate at university, but it was years later, through the Celtic Wheel, that I entered a soul apprenticeship to the Celtic tradition.

The Celtic Wheel is the ritual calendar handed down to us from the indigenous Celtic and Pre-Celtic ancestors of this land. They were rooted in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. The feminine and masculine were both honoured and they deeply understood the interconnectedness of all things.

It offered me a map of how to reclaim and lead from my inner feminine - through rhythms, cycles and nature and in so doing, find a gentler, wiser and more fierce way to live.

It connected me to the mystical in a very practical way.

This is why I created this body of work, Next Stage Celtic Wheel. 



A beautifully designed, 28 
page eBook detailing the themes, mythology, symbols, gifts and wisdom of each Celtic festival and season. It includes the 2023 / 2024 dates for each sacred threshold.

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If you would prefer a DEEPER EXPLORATION of the Celtic Wheel, TRIBE may be more suitable


In TRIBE you get everything in Self Led PLUS:

  • 10 x¬†LIVE RITUAL CALLS + ACTIVATIONS¬†with me on Zoom, all recorded (two hour calls). We share, we create¬†ritual and you will receive an energetic activation every 6-7 weeks at each Celtic festival
  • 11 x monthly¬†TRIBE LIVES¬†(one hour) on our community platform¬†with me on the last Friday of every month¬†
  • 2 x¬†WISDOM WEAVES¬†between festival calls: These are¬†short worksheets¬†exploring the themes we work with in each seasons. You receive them every two weeks¬†between each festival (16 in total)
  • Access to the¬†TRIBE COMMUNITY¬†platform for connecting with me and the sisterhood until 21st October 2024


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