FREE webinar workshop 


Prepare for Samhain and the next Celtic Wheel of the year 2023/24

with Mari Kennedy and astrologer Molly McCord


A special webinar workshop  with MARI KENNEDY founder of Next Stage Celtic Wheel with special guest, intuitive astrologer MOLLY MCCORD.

Together they weave two wisdom wheels - the Celtic Wheel and the astrological wheel - as they look towards the next Celtic year from October 31st 2023 - October 2-24


Mari guide us in how to prepare for the Celtic festival of Samhain and how to move into the deepening Celtic spiral of 2023/ 2024.  


Molly share the 2024 astrology forecast so we can prepare to intentionally work with the energies through the full Celtic year ahead 

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You will learn:


  • How to prepare for the Festival of Samhain when we step onto the deepening spiral of the Celtic Wheel of the year


  • Important astrological  transits from November 2023 through 2024


  • Moving deeper into the Age of Aquarius in 2024 and how the Celtic Wheel can help us in that evolution


  • A ritual to work with what we are ready to release into the Samhain Fires ....for ourselves and for humanity at this time of chaos and intensity.  


If you are watching the recording you might like to have a pen, two pieces of paper, a candle and a small bowl of water for the ritual.