You are a





You are a force. You are a point of sovereign power in the Cosmos. You were born at this time to reclaim that  BELONGING + POWER.


This is the new story being born on this planet now.


You are here to live into that story now....though your body, mind and breath. 



It's not an easy time.... 

We find ourselves at a wild edge evolution that is demanding we recover our power as Cosmic humans. 

We are being shaken into a fierce remembering. 

Remembering ourselves as an untameable generative force, a magnificent part of the intelligence of nature, the Cosmos in the great web of life.

Remembering that when we source our power from our belonging and interconnectedness we become effortless  creators. 

Nature's four seasons and Celtic cyclical wisdom are a powerful way to reconnect to our belonging as a Force of Nature.

Let go of living from survival, scarcity and separation (old story) and start living as a flourishing creative being (new story).  


You carry a piece of the new story.

Are you ready to let it live through you?  


Over these four workshops the seasonal forces of nature will be our teacher to guide us back into recovering powerful forces that have been repressed and suppressed in our culture and in us.  


We also will play with the medicine of the Sacred Hawthorn tree in each season. 


 The 4 Creative

Archetypal Forces 

Each  workshop we reclaim the creative forces needed to birth a new world and a new story.  



Reclaim the transformational power of the Dark + Speak your truth


The Creatrix  

Play with the creative power of emergence + hold the creative tension of opposites



Lead with the feminine and execute with the masculine as you step up and out in your true expression. 




Dance with cyclical endings , the circle and the spiral in cirulinear time and reclaim joy, celebration and pleasure. 

What to expect in each workshop


+    A Teaching

+   Deep Embodiment Practice 

+   Personal Transformational Inquiries + evolutionary tools that will embolden and inspire us into living a new story. 


In each Workshop we will play with


+ Body-mind-breath

+ Nature + Cosmic forces

+ Feeling States as forces 

+ Creative Archetypes 

+ Hawthorn Tree Medicine

+ The Quantum field

+ Ancient New Wisdom


Create your At Home Workshop Space


+ Clear a space in your home

+ a yoga mat

+ a blanket / yoga blocks

+ a journal + pen

+  before each workshop you will receive more guidance on what to bring. 



Hawthorn Medicine  

We will play with the cyclical wisdom and power of the Sacred hawthorn 

Forces of Nature Bundle

Here’s a look at the journey we will take...

You have the option to register for each workshop individually or the full series. 

Workshop 1:

Force of Nature 

Winter : The Sorceress 

Saturday January 20 2024  4pm - 6pm 


In Winter we recover The Sorceress who knows how to dance and play with the transformational power of the dark . She is rooted in Source and dreams from that depth. 

She is the dark force of the feminine that has been suppressed and repressed, vilified and demonised for 5,000 years.


The Forces 

Withdrawal, Cold, death, dark, dormancy, wild, windy, winter storms snow, ice, stillness, bleak, fallow, fecund.


€50 (single) €37.50 (bundle x4) 

Book Winter
Workshop 2:

Force of Nature 

Spring : The Creatrix 

 Saturday 20 April 2024 4pm -6pm (Irish Time)


In Spring we recover The Creatrix, who knows how to dance with the creative power of emergence and hold the creative tension of opposites and play with the Quantum forces. 

She is the slow emergence force of the feminine that has been  repressed, rushed and taken over by forcing and pushing.


The Forces 

Quiet, Awakening, Stirring, Germinating, Quickening, Pulsing,  Rooting and Strengthening, Budding, First shoots

 €50 (drop in) €37.50 (bundle of 4)

Book Spring
Image credit: Philipp Pilz
Image credit: Filip Zrnzevic
Workshop 3:

Force of Nature 

Summer : The Manifestor 

 Saturday 20 July 2024 4pm-6pm (Irish time)


In Summer we rise into our Sovereign Manifestor, who knows how to create by leading with her feminine and executing with her masculine.  

She  is a shamelessly sovereign shining force that takes up her place in the new story rooted in her belonging. 


The Forces 

Bursting into blossom, Bright, Warm, Lush, Growth, Expansion 

 €50 (drop in) €37.50 (bundle of 4)

Book Summer
Workshop 4:

Force of Nature 

Autumn: The Generatrix 

Saturday 12 October 2024 4pm-6pm (Irish time)



In Autumn we reclaim our Generatrix, who know how to dance with with cyclical ending and play with both joy and sadness.

She is the tempering and tethering force of the feminine that has been bi-passed through addiction to speed and relentless progress in our dominant culture. She is rooted in pleasure.

The Forces 

Abundance of fruits, berries and food, final magnificent blast of colour, coolness, shedding

  €50 (drop in) €37.50 (bundle of 4) 

Book Autumn
Image credit: Mohammad Zeeshan

Forces of Nature Full Bundle: 4 workshops


4 workshops: €37.50 each

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