What women are saying about the work…

Mari’s coaching me has literally been life-changing. Within a month of working with her, opportunities seemed to start to flow in, and when obstacles presented themselves, my response was entirely different. Mari has an uncanny ability to hear beneath what you are saying, to invite you to soften and open up and listen to what you already know or are learning - it’s genuinely extraordinary and astounds me each time.
— Catherine Eaton (US)

“Mari has taught me real and tangible techniques and skills to manage the personal impact of the deep work I am called to do on this planet. She has helped me to become a more skillful collaborator and to do only the work that helps me come alive. She identifies my negative unconscious patterns and coaches me to overcome them. I think I am better to work with because of Mari and I crucially I enjoy my work more because of her.”

- Grace Dyas (Ireland)

“Mari’s natural relaxed ways immediately put me at ease. Her strong instinct and compassion fostered the trust necessary to open up and get the very best out of our sessions together. With Mari I unearthed some home truths that I never would have discovered; they were both challenging to hear and yet positively liberating…my eyes were opened and for this I am exceedingly grateful.”

-Victoria (Ireland)