My work invites women to develop and grow, to live and lead from a place of power, authenticity, vitality and impact.

  • If you know that you’re not living a life you love and not expressing your full potential

  • If you have been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or in a place of questioning

  • If “keeping it together” “getting on with it” or “muscling through” is now costing you rather than serving you

  • If you want to live on purpose but old habitual ways keep blocking you

  • If you want to live more mindfully, more wholeheartedly with more joy in your life

  • If you are ready to take responsibility for every aspect of your life

I will work with you to become more SOVEREIGN - self authoring, self governing, authentic and real.

As a Sovereign woman you will fully engage and inhabit all dimensions of your life. I will support you to move out of an over-masculine strive drive mode that has many of us depleted and overfunctioning to become a woman who can elegantly access both sides of her power - her kickass on-purpose masculine and her soft wise feminine. That’s the 21st Century Sovereign Woman.

personal Coaching & Mentoring

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The 21st century Sovereign woman

  1. is clear about her relationship to power - her personal power, her power in relation to other woman and with men. She knows what she stands for, how to skillfully work with her anger and she honours her own inner authority

  2. works to transform the crippling inner voices of the critic, the striver and the controller and the victim with fierce self compassion

  3. puts herself at the centre of her own circumstances and takes responsibility for every aspect of her life

  4. draws on her 4 intelligences - cognitive, emotional, somatic and heart intelligence

  5. lives from a deeper place - connected to her deepest essence and truth. She trusts life

  6. is connected to her body, to nature and the planet

  7. has got her own back - she is self reliant which is the basis of her intimacy with those in her life

“Mari holds space with depth and presence offering up questions that unlocked my own inner wisdom. I felt safe and completely supported and at the same time felt clearer and hopeful as the clarity was from the deepest place

In these times we are living in to me Mari embodies the energy that is so needed to elevate and live truly authentically. “

— Carrie Anne Moss