I support organisations and leaders who believe people and their shared humanity are a force for good and the backbone of organisational resilience and performance.

The outcomes?

  1. Employees who are engaged, enlivened and are energised by their work and their relationships to their colleagues.

  2. A leadership model that can skillfully work with the complexity of today’s shifting power structures, the challenges of diversity and all that comes with the Industry 4.0

  3. A culture that supports and serves the strategy.

  4. Organisational structures, process and practices that create the conditions for a thriving high-performance organisation.

That means creating a next generation approach to transforming our workplaces and culture.

It means that high-performance is rooted in people who have a deliberately developmental, growth mindset, are self aware, have a shared sense of purpose, can have real and robust conversations with each other, embrace healthy diversity and difference, bring their whole selves to work, can adapt and respond quickly to change and take full responsibility for how they show up.

I design and develop practical programmes, trainings and interventions that cultivate healthy high performing human-centric workplaces. It’s the “new frontier” of linking mindfulness, wellbeing and performance (City, University of London 2019).

Depending on the brief, I work alone or with a team of facilitators.


  • Organisational Development Programmes

    for organisations initiating or responding to transformation and change

  • Leadership Development Programmes

    for the leadership team primarily, but with impact and attention on the wider organisation

  • High Performance Team Development Programmes

    for teams who want to level up and work in a more healthy coherent and cohesive way

  • Leadership Development Coaching

    for leaders/developing leaders

  • 21st Century Leadership Skills training

    Developing leaders across the organisation

  • leadership Retreat AND RESET(AWAY Day/residential)

    for leadership teams who work face to face and/or virtually, with the intention of creating more coherence and igniting collective wisdom between the leaders. It’s a chance to unplug from the normal routine, pull focus, take stock and get perspective so they return individually renewed and collectively more cohesive and coherent.


  • Courageous Conversations

    for those conversations that are needed to be had within a team or with stakeholders but you know they are going to be uncomfortable.

  • diversity workshop

    a mix of facilitated conversations, interactive inquiry based training and group coaching that develops perspective taking and cultivates real healthy diversity within the organisation.

  • Conflict management/resolution

    transform a conflict that is keeping colleagues or a team stuck.

  • Strategy/Culture/purpose/Vision/Mission/Values/brain-storming SESSIONS

    facilitating sessions that are intentional, innovative and playful to harness the collective wisdom and creativity of the group


  • Corporate Mindfulness Training

    6 week course delivered onsite and/or online designed specifically for workplace mindset

  • Rock’n Resilience

    6 week course delivered onsite and/online

  • BESPOKE away day retreats

    Team wellbeing off site to reconnect and renew the team

  • WORK/LIFE integration workshops

    An opportunity to take stock of the tension between work/life and create strategies to inhabit both more skillfully


    Unplug from the mother ship and reset. Designed with the participants in mind.


  • away day motivational speaker

  • Women, work and wellbeing

My journey with Mari began 18 months ago and I feel privileged to have her as a coach. Through Mari’s genuine style and ability to both support and challenge she has empowered me to write my own story.

As a result of better self-awareness and Mari asking the right questions, I have had to explore my personal and professional assumptions to uncover and then path the way for what I really want from my life. The only way I can think to put it is that she cared... about the success of the leadership programme but more importantly she really cared about me as a person in the world and I am very thankful to have had her in my corner while I worked all this stuff out!
— Shauna Collins, HR Director
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Success personified in the fourth industrial revolution

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