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For anyone interested in evolving our world into a thriving, flourishing place to live, work and play. I curate creative projects and collaborate with others who are willing to ask big questions to evolve our society.

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Census of the Heart was an alternative census in Ireland created by Kathy Scott and Mari Kennedy and produced by The Trailblazery in 2016. This national survey was a creative response to The National Census of Ireland, which took place in Ireland on the night of April 24. Our alternative census was a national enquiry that aimed at capturing the emotional state of the nation by including the deeper dimension of people’s lived experience and what it really meant to be alive in Ireland exactly 100 years after the Rebellion. Census of The Heart is now a unique repository of knowledge that holds the intimate hopes, regrets, fears and dreams of almost 12,000 people in Ireland.

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the ireland:iceland project emerged in early 2009 when cultural investigators Kathy Scott & Mari Kennedy wondered “WHAT IF we embark on a creative journey that can evolve culture through conversation, intervention and disruption?”
What if….

  • We bring together two islands that are experiencing cultural crisis/kreppa

  • We connect artists, cultural creatives and provocateurs from these two little islands to participate in the WHAT IF investigation

  • We explore and activate the ‘cracks of possibility’ revealed in this convergence of crises

The WHAT IF line of questioning evolved into a cultural movement connecting ideas people, social architects, lighthouse keepers, systems thinkers, economists, performance artists, music collectives, theatre makers, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, choreographers, designers, animators, change agents, DIY activists, movers and shapers...all threaded together by a shared, deep care for our collective future.


Mindful Nation Ireleand

Mindful Nation Ireland envisage a more compassionate Ireland evolving through mindfulness-based approaches across all sectors of society. The mission is to join the dots by connecting and nurturing groups and individuals developing mindfulness and compassion initiatives in their areas and explore how these can be integrated to benefit society as a whole.